What The Hell Is This?

Posted by on June 27, 2014

This is, now, my space for writing about… writing. Well. Publishing. Editing. All the things surrounding writing. The one public entry I’ve left intact from the old blog is the one that kicked off my current project. Long story short: My then-six-year-old daughter expressed some rather disturbing opinions about her limitations as a girl, specifically indicating that girls didn’t need to be strong and that she wasn’t any good at math (which is not at all true). I decided then and there to put together a book about women who were strong and/or good at math. Small bios, each with a picture so that the woman in question was not just a name but a face as well. All sorts of women, not just the Big Names you always hear about when people talk women’s history.

Shortly thereafter, I decided to expand it to any woman in any field. Because why stop at math and physical strength?

The first draft was finished in mid-December 2013. I ordered a proof copy through Createspace and gave it to her as a Christmas gift. She loved it. There was some interest from other quarters as well, particularly friends who have young daughters. I don’t flatter myself that my writing would be of interest on a larger scale, but I thought… You know, I already have this set up in Createspace, I could self-publish it so that those who are interested could have a copy.

And that’s my plan. However, I know that as-is it isn’t ready for public view. It needs an editorial eye toward the content and structure. It needs gone over for typos and mistakes. The information needs to be better-sourced and said sources cited. If I’m really, really going to do this, the images have to be legal to use, too — either public domain or rights purchased. So right now I’ve got a second proof copy that I can mark up on my own, and I’m saving up the money for professional editing and image rights. I’m doing what I can when I can, and I’m creeping ever closer to publication.

I’ve hit some bumps, and I’ve tripped over my own feet, and I’ve lost my momentum, so it’s going a lot more slowly than I had anticipated. I’ve also found that my selection of subjects is rather… er, un-diverse in multiple ways. I’ve started collecting names for a second volume, but honestly, I wonder if I might not just throw some of these other women into this volume. I mean, it’s not finished yet. I can still change it.

So as I meander along this path, I thought I’d try to create a space for myself to talk about it. The frustrations, the small victories and milestones, my plans, my progress. The actual content, perhaps. If you’re with me, hello and welcome, and I hope this manages to stay interesting.

If you’re interested, you can see my Pinterest board showing the subjects of volume 1 (as it exists now) by clicking here or the start of my plans for volume 2 (maybe) by clicking here.

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  1. Juni

    I’m really looking forward to hearing more about this project! I’ve been following it since you first mentioned it (though I am awful about commenting on things, something I’m trying to improve on). I think it’s a great project- there were lots of names and faces on your pinboard I didn’t recognize!

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