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Just now, the book is laid out in chronological sections as follows: Up to 1837 (Ancient History, Early Baroque Era, Napoleonic Wars; 3 entries) 1837 to 1901 (Victorian Era; or, Jeffersonian Era, American Civil War, Reconstruction and Gilded Era; 8 entries) 1902 to 1938 (Edwardian Era, Progressive Era, World War I, Great Depression, and Interwar … Continue reading »

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One of the major hesitations I have about this project is the selection of subjects. Not that any of them are somehow unworthy of inclusion, but looking back from the end of a completed first draft… I realize that there’s actually quite little diversity. There’s no really good way to put this. Most of my … Continue reading »

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Yo. What Happened?

What I’m finding is that if I thought it was difficult to write this book in the first place while also carrying on with the rest of my life, I didn’t know how good I had it. I’ve not finished the Scrivener tutorial, but I got far enough along to set my own project up. … Continue reading »

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When I take on a new project — or revive an old one — my first step tends to be organization. If I can get everything lined up and laid out, I’ll surely know where to start and what to do! Right? Well. Not always. But it’s a good place to jump back in, anyway. … Continue reading »

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What The Hell Is This?

This is, now, my space for writing about… writing. Well. Publishing. Editing. All the things surrounding writing. The one public entry I’ve left intact from the old blog is the one that kicked off my current project. Long story short: My then-six-year-old daughter expressed some rather disturbing opinions about her limitations as a girl, specifically … Continue reading »

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Rebooting–Please Stand By

I said months ago I was going to get on self-publishing what I’ve come to think of as The Book. (As though it were the only book in existence. Well, it’s my only book being — at least in theory — prepped for publication, I guess.) I ordered myself a proof copy to mark up, … Continue reading »

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Dear Natalie

My dear daughter, Two days ago you told me that you didn’t care if drinking milk would help you grow up strong, because girls don’t need to be strong. Last night you said you weren’t good at math. I couldn’t tell whether you thought that your being a girl had anything to do with that … Continue reading »

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